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Hat / Hardhat Clip 2

Hat / Hardhat Clip 2

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Tired of losing your pens, pencils, and markers daily, or finding them ruined after a laundry day mishap? With Clip 2, your tools now have a designated and secure spot, making them easily accessible and in the same place every day.

Engineered for versatility, each clip is designed to snugly attach to hats or hardhats using a small tightening screw, ensuring a robust and secure fit. Ever walked back to your truck just to realize you forgot your ear protection? Clip 2 offers an additional compartment for earplugs, always keeping them within reach. No more excuses for not having ear protection on the job. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each Clip 2 is handcrafted and assembled in the USA.

One size fits all – say goodbye to the restrictions of a single tool size. Clip 2 accommodates any pencil, marker, or pen, offering you the freedom to choose the tool that suits your task. We believe your marking tools are more than just utensils – they are feats of engineering and design. Often tucked away and underappreciated, Clip 2 celebrates these elegant tools, giving them the spotlight they deserve.

Say goodbye to losing your marking tools and say hello to Clip 2!!!
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