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Custom Hardhat Pencil and Marker holder

Custom Hardhat Pencil and Marker holder

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Have you ever been on the job site and get annoyed that when you go to sit down your pencil and marker in your back pocket falls out or breaks. Or do you just want a stylish consistent way of keeping your writing tools handy at all times. The home made custom designed hard hat clip is your solution. These clips can fit almost any hard hat and have been tested in construction sites to test durability and strength. My design utilizes the rectangular opening used in many hard hats and snaps in tightly for a firm no wobble attachment. Your hard hat doesn’t have an opening try my brim clip that can attach to the brim of any hard hat seamlessly. The 3D printed design allows for all models to be customized to show your name, company, or logo in any style that you like.
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    With each of our clips being hand assembled some clip orders may take longer than others depending on customization. Expect shipping in 2-7 days of purchase.

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    Free shipping in the US on any order larger than $30.

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    With each clip being 3D printed updates and upgrades are easily made allowing for the best clips possible. Because of that not all model photos are exact to each model. If significant changes are made new photos will be added.