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Custom Ear Plug and Marker Holder (3 Piece Combo)

Custom Ear Plug and Marker Holder (3 Piece Combo)

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Tired of walking back to the truck every time you need hearing protection? Stay organized and safe on the job with our 3D printed 3 piece clip. Designed for construction workers in any field, this clip securely holds your ear plugs and sharpie marker, keeping them easily accessible and within reach at all times. Our design allows for the ear plug to be fully protected from dust and other site conditions when not in use. Made with high-quality materials, this clip is built to withstand the tough conditions of a construction site. Our high quality metal screws allow for you clips to be securely fastened, without fear of losing your clip. With this clip, you'll never have to fumble around for your ear plugs or marker again! Order yours today and experience the convenience of a well-designed and durable accessory.


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    With each of our clips being hand assembled some clip orders may take longer than others depending on customization. Expect shipping in 2-7 days of purchase.

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    With each clip being 3D printed updates and upgrades are easily made allowing for the best clips possible. Because of that not all model photos are exact to each model. If significant changes are made new photos will be added.