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Custom Hardhat Drill Bit Holder

Custom Hardhat Drill Bit Holder

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Do you loose drill bits in the depths of your pockets or leave them across the job site in the wrong screw bucket? This is the clip for you. Our drill bit holder is a great way to always have access to your most used bits. The durable strong magnets on both the bit holder and the clip provide a secure connection to insure that you will not loose your bits on the job site. The clip is designed to be pulled off the hardhat anytime you want to change bits and placed back on when bits are swapped. Do you not have a slot check out our side mounted clips on our store.
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    With each of our clips being hand assembled some clip orders may take longer than others depending on customization. Expect shipping in 2-7 days of purchase.

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    With each clip being 3D printed updates and upgrades are easily made allowing for the best clips possible. Because of that not all model photos are exact to each model. If significant changes are made new photos will be added.